Plakat 2014 Strandkorbhalle DIN A4.indd The first time photographs shot during these years of yacht-film-making are presented to the public. They are to be seen in the popular summer resort St.Peter-Ording at the North Sea Shore. The exhibition runs from June, 28 until September 7th, 2014.


5. Lürssen Clip photo In 2013 we were confronted with an urgent wish of the company for a concept of an Image film. Our idea was accepted a few days later with no changes. We could introduce some of our material shot at Lürssen during recent years, plus a grab into our archive. Additional needs were shot on board the Lürssen built MY CAPRI in Istanbul  and again in the yard - enhanced by the stunning charme of......   You better check yourself.....


4. Quattroelle Special fun was a 10 minute film about the Lürssen built QUATTROELLE. We were completely free to come up with a concept to present the beauty of the yacht. Shot in the Caribbean in 2013 with a charming Jazz singer on deck and below it was presented with big success on board during the Monaco Boat Show that year. Now the internet version with the Jazz singers composition "Beyond Time" is finished and loved.


Twighlight at quay During the building of the world´s largest yacht of 180 metres 5 films for owner and yard have been made. The full documenrtation is on the way.....      


2. The Joy  DI-09-02- 15 A new film for ROYAL HUISMAN SHIPYARD was produced. Originally it was planed to show it at one event. Instead it has been shown often now because of it´s success and according to the leading company people it works excellent as well during meetings with clients or just after having dinner together on the ipad.


Topaz from heli flightFinished by Lürssen in 2012 Tom Nitsch Images has made 3 films during the building of the 147 metre long, probably most exclusive and complex yacht of the world for the owner  and the yard. These films were followed by a full 60 minutes documentary. Friedrich Lürssen stated, that during a later privat showing not even the wifes left the room and followed it faszinated....


We were honored to photograph the new Vitter´s yacht "SARISSA" for the magazins. Also, the first time for Vitters, we made a clip to present the yacht. If you have 4 min for to dream away, please have a look at Sarissa Clip


The new film of the collection is now available on DVD since late 2011. It had it´s premiere at the "Pantaenius Evening" during the "boot" in Düsseldorf 2011 but then it took some time to have it ready on DVD. The film intermingles the story of maybe the most famous racing schooner of all times "Westward" with the construction of it´s replica "Eleonora", a project run by Ed Kastelein. 45 minutes long it is still only "part 1". The story is simply "too rich", especially because the "Big-Class" history is touched as well. So this part 1 ends after the first incredibly successful racing season of Westward under skipper Charly Barr in 1910. And concerning "Eleonora" the major step has been witnessed: the launching of her superb hull in Holland.


In 2010 we were able to make good progress with that project. We were lucky to get good images during the Prinz Ludwig Cup for the 30 Sq.Metre Class at the Starnberger See and later during the EM also of the 30s at the Bodensee. Further on a classic yacht meeting in Trosa close to Stockholm brought nice pictures generally and some special ones for very interesting aspects of the project. The 22 Sq. Metre „Vigilant“ designed 1930 by famaous Uffa Fox, attended the gathering. This time she came by trailer to the the Stockholm area for her second visit. In those years Uffa had sailed that tiny vessel himself from Cowes to Stockholm and back!!! During the events at the German lakes we also took some photographs which can be seen in our Event Gallery.


In spring 2010 we finished that project including many differnt tracks about this company. Some of the subjects in 4 languages. For quite a bit of the involved film material we could use our archive, but still a lot was shot during two years at the Med and the Baltic, as well as in the company´s offices all over Europe and the US. The project felt as a home-run: The Pantaenius story is a great one to tell and their involvement is inspiring. We received a number of compliments ranking the whole thing as „very artistic“. The intention we had to come up with something very enjoyable to watch next to the information seems to be very welcomed. Copies can be ordered from Pantaenius without charge.


It is the first time that we are honored to document the creation of a powerboat. And at the same time it is by far the biggest yacht we ever made a film about. The worlds leading builder of large powerboats to the highest standards, Lürssen in Bremen is running that incredible project. The rest is secret ....


Really a long term film project still on the way. The construction of Eleonora, the replica of Westward, will be the backbone of the story of races in the Big Class during the 1930s in combination with actual shots of the reborn biggies racing, mainly in St.Tropez and Cannes. And it is the story of a great guy, Ed Kastelein, who built Eleonory with small companies and a small crew!


This production about this great company with about 600 employees and 29 branches all the way to the Ural had nothing to do with yachting, although it´s boss is a dedicated sailor himself. It is rather the story of this 250 year old merchant company with it´s headquarters in Flensburg. An old history of a young hearted company with a very inspiring and happy spirit - guided by it´s boss Martin Meesenburg representing this all at it´s best. We felt honored to be part of them and only regret, that all tracks are finished......


we received in the US for „In The Showroom Of Yachting“ in 2009. No yachting films have been participated at the Worldfest Houston since then, although we produced more films since then for privat showings. This was „Sailing, Seamanship and Yacht Construction Fractionally Reloaded“, which had something of a persiflage concerning some thoughts of the great Uffa Fox next to some powerful sailing sequences. This was done for Pantaenius. Another was „Striking The Balance“, which also contains quite some humoristic aspects of what we are doing under sail. This film was done for Royal Huisman Shipyard in 2010.

Siska giving us lessons of wisdom Hinnerk and Fiete in "the boot" Thendara thundering in mistral