The great years of yachting before World War II had been hardly documented on film due to the immense problems to do so with the technics of those years. Even photographs were hard to get for us, when our personal interest in classic yachting grew with our own classic yacht during the late 1970s. Even more than our familiar scenery at the Baltic, the confrontation with images of restored yachts at the Med in the early 1980s asked for recording this on film. The old pictures of the Clyde, of Cowes or Newport started to reappear! Not Sepia anymore, but even colored! The idea grew to use these new images of the spectacular sailing events to develop a portrait of yachting history on film at the same time. This included to report not only about the skills to sail these vessels, but also to build these cultural goods, representing the highest values of human abilities of craftmanship and design. The concept of the film-series was also to entertain next to the information as a way to create a pleasure not only for experts. An “enrichment” for the viewer, a „lifting“ joy, while simultaneously drawing a “picture” of yachtings history and its “Golden Age” in combination with the breathtaking events of the presence. The intention was as well to make a film you like to see again and again, something about the beauty of creation and the beauty of humans in a special sense, rather than concentrating on who has won a race….

The response we received during screenings or after people watched the VHS of those days or the DVDs speak of enthusiasm and of feelings touched!