Voices & Echos

Dear Tom,
the films are overwhelming. Helen and I watched them both last night, one after the other, and were gripped, entranced. The MOST brilliantt documentary sailing film I´ve ever seen. My heart was in my mouth, and I kept exclaimimg WOW! WOW! WOW! The two of course are very different in subject, pacing, approach and technique. Your filming is breathtaking and shows up with special subtlety in the beautiflly evocative Fife “essay“, and with almost overwhelming vigor ans „smash“ in the Atlantic race that builds to such a tremendous and emotionally draining climax.

Jo Garland, Gloucester, Mass. (famous US author of countless books and historian as well as very experienced sailor)

Dear Tom,
many thanks for sending the tape of Atlantic Challenge. I thought it was spectacular! Many of the scenes were inspiring to say the least. Beautifully filmed and very well put together! I understand the pain of editing – 52 minutes can go by very fast. I am sure it was not the most painful edit. Will the film get air time in the U.S.?

John Mecray, Jamestown, Rode Island, (first class and very renowned illustrator, specialized on yachting)

Dear Tom,
the only time of the year to relax a bit in between Christmas and the New Year I always have the habit to see three of Tom´s films first and then a DVD of a Rock Concert. After that I have the right distance to my daily life buisynes world…..

Jens Cornelsen, Glückstadt, Germany (most acknowledged Yacht Consultant for SuperYachtProjects)